Brand Story

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan growing up in the late 70’s, & 80’s. I consider myself a daughter of unions. Meaning, I’ve always been keenly aware of working conditions, morale, workers rights and the importance of a fair wage. I taught school in various places: Michigan, Texas & Georgia. My latest venture was a six year teaching experience in Abu Dhabi. 

During the latter part of my teaching in Abu Dhabi, I developed a plan to start a brand. I wanted this brand to recognize a few of the things closet to my heart and life experiences. As a teacher & single mother paying the bills was a constant concern. Teachers sacrifice time with their family, money of their own in order to make sure their classroom environment is at it’s best.

All the while, teachers face intense and constant scrutiny. was born of my desire to empower educators. We create products that put a smile on the face of members of a profession that give so much yet, receives so little in return.

Join me in celebrating teachers by visiting and purchasing a gift to motivate any teacher in your life.  To further support teachers, we give back 10% to classroom teachers in low income areas of the United States.

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